Stolen bikes and the idea of a cheap bike

My old mountainbike has been stolen. Locked in front of a grocery store. Which is a pity. It wasn’t a particular expensive bike but it was a good bike. I started figuring out what I wanted to do. Buy a new bike? Commute on my Cross bike again? I ended up deciding to buy a … Read more

Features to look for in a multitool

Topeak hummer multitool and topeak mini 20 multitool How do you choose a multitool when there are more than 1000 different ones available at the big online retailers? Depends on how long, where and which discipline you ride. First of all, lets be clear here. Most tools will work for most situations, so you won’t … Read more

Modifying the cockpit of the Giant Fathom

Every new bike needs a bit of tweaking, that’s what I find. Here are the changes I have made to my Giant Fathom in the first month of owning it.   Shorter stem The Fathom 2017 comes stock with a 100 mm stem which seems a bit weird to me. I have changed it to … Read more

New bike day – Giant Fathom 1 2017

After some radio-silence on this blog, I’m back on the bike. I’ve rekindled my love for mountainbiking and have bought a new mountainbike instead of investing in getting the old orbea up to scratch. It’s still a lovely bike and I still use it a lot. But on to the new bike: A Giant Fathom 1 27.5 2017. I have ridden … Read more

Bikepacking bag manufacturers

I have been looking for bikepacking bags for some upcoming adventures and I ended up with quite a big list of bag manufacturers. This might be useful to others so I made a spreadsheet and noted which types of bags each manufacturer makes, you are able to sort them below if you are looking for … Read more

Convert Garmin Edge mount for Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

Garmin Edge mount on stem

The Wahoo puck-style mounts uses zipties rather than elastic bands, which is quite annoying when you want to move it from bike to bike or only use it sometimes. The Garmin edge pucks does use elastic bands. But we do not live in a world of standardized mount interfaces. The “wings” on the wahoo is … Read more

Dropping the Race Face Strafe grips on my mountainbike

I’m changing the grips on my mountainbike from the Race Face Strafe Lock-On Handlebar Grips to a cheap slide-on grip(called Force Lox) instead because the Strafe grips simply does not work for me. I bought them 2 years ago and they have been bothering me ever since. Now I don’t ride my mountainbike as often as my roadbike and I don’t go on long mountainbike rides, so I … Read more

Getting back on the bike after a crash

If you have ever had a bad bike crash then this is might be familiar to you. 4 weeks ago I suffered a bad crash while commuting to work. I hurt my knee and my hip. The crash itself was a comically slow one. I was just riding to work and because of some road works I … Read more

Leaving road tubeless – for now

I have ridden tubeless road/gravel tires(Schwalbe G-one 35mm) on my cyclocross bike for the past 4 months. Read about setting up the tubeless here. I have now changed back to my trusty Continental Grand Prix 4 season 28c. Since I’m changing back you might guess my opinion of tubeless setup but let’s give this road … Read more

Consistency.. Consistency is key..

Cycling in winter is rarely fun. Wanting to keep our normal jobs, we start and complete mid-week rides in total darkness. Mechanicals become problems instead of annoyances. I, for one, don’t want to get stuck 15 miles from home with a mechanical problem or even a flat tire, if I can help it. But I … Read more