Getting correct speed/cadence on Elite trainers

It’s winter and that means a bit of indoor training. I have bought an Elite Rampa trainer in the summer (I got a good deal). Setting it up was easy but I just set it up and left it, the weather was too good. Now I wanted to control it from my wahoo elemnt bolt computer and that worked within seconds. After a short ride I noticed that I was apparently going 260 kph. – no wonder it was noisy. So I set out to figure out how to get the correct speed from Elite trainers on my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.

After a lot of google and a lot of tests I found the answer in a pdf file from a website I sadly don’t remember.

What you have to do on your headunit is to manually set the wheel circumference differently depending on which trainer you have.

On garmin the menu should roughly be this:
Settings > Sensors > Speed/Cadence >Wheel Size.

On a Wahoo head-unit you have to use the Companion app.
Connect to your head-unit and visit the settings page. Click on Set Up Sensors under Sensors & Data.
Tap on the Sensor and change the Wheel Circumference to manual and set it to the correct value from the PDF below.

You can find the values for the following Elite trainers:

Elite Real Turbo Muin B+, Elite Drivo, Elite Rampa, Elite Qubo digital Smart B+, Elite RealAxiom B+, Elite RealTour B+, Elite Real Emotion B+, Elite Arion Digital Smart B+

Trainer App – Circumference Settings

I hope this might save you some trouble