Starting out with Zwift

I have started using zwift after coming to the realization that I’m not going to go out riding much in the dark. I have gotten a new job since last winter and the commute is quite long which means that I’m home late and going out riding alone late at night is not really motivating me. Now I have hated cycling indoors, every time I have tried it. But zwift does make it suck much less.

You may know about zwift but if you don’t it is a indoor training platform/game that can control a smart trainer. So it will make the resistance stronger or lighter depending on the grade you are riding in the game. And there are many courses to choose from including world championship courses from London, Richmond, Innsbruck and Yorkshire.

Once you are logged in and riding you’ll find yourself riding among many other riders. Which I find surprisingly motivating. Now I’m not a very fast rider but I found it really interesting to grab a wheel and try to hold on (and you even get a draft boost). Or doing unstructured intervals by trying to jump from one group to another.

Zwift races

Another thing that zwift has, that I didn’t I would like as much as I do, is races. It’s really really fun and motivating to give it all you have around London. Or trying to attack a group from the start.

Is it worth it?

Now zwift has a monthly subscription fee. Which is currently €14. To me that is worth it, since I havent ridden this much in november before. I ended with 12 hours on zwift for the month and I started on the 8th. So around an euro per hour which I don’t find too bad. My gym membership was well over that per hour 🙂

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