Getting back on the bike after a crash

If you have ever had a bad bike crash then this is might be familiar to you. 4 weeks ago I suffered a bad crash while commuting to work. I hurt my knee and my hip.

The crash itself was a comically slow one. I was just riding to work and because of some road works I had to take a different route than usual. That detour led me to a tunnel under the main road that I normally cross over. What I wasn’t aware of riding down to the tunnel, was that there was about 4 cm. Of ice covering the whole bottom of that tunnel. I did not notice it in time, and tried to ride all the way through, coming up just short of the exit. The front wheel slipped under me and came down with a bang on my side.

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Consistency.. Consistency is key..

Cycling in winter is rarely fun. Wanting to keep our normal jobs, we start and complete mid-week rides in total darkness. Mechanicals become problems instead of annoyances. I, for one, don’t want to get stuck 15 miles from home with a mechanical problem or even a flat tire, if I can help it.

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Mountainbiking in the dark

Riding a mountainbike through the forest at night is a very special experience. It is even more special when you are riding through snow.

It’s the ultimate tunnel vision. You only look at the line in front of you but at the same time you are aren’t going as fast as normal. So all the sounds of a forest is enhanced. And you’ll most likely see Animals in your headlight. I would recommend that everyone grabs a friend and try it.

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Finding the right saddlebag

My saddlebag got stolen from my my bike, along with a cheap rear light, about a month ago. So the search was on for a new one!
I have been gathering the parts for a new saddlebag and spending some time figuring out what I need to carry with me. This needs to fit in the saddlebag, as I don’t want any of it in my jersey pockets.

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Getting correct speed/cadence on Elite trainers

It’s winter and that means a bit of indoor training. I have bought an Elite Rampa trainer in the summer (I got a good deal). Setting it up was easy but I just set it up and left it, the weather was too good. Now I wanted to control it from my wahoo elemnt bolt computer and that worked within seconds. After a short ride I noticed that I was apparently going 260 kph. – no wonder it was noisy. So I set out to figure out how to get the correct speed from Elite trainers on my Wahoo Elemnt Bolt.

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Going tubeless

So this is my story with going tubeless.

I took the plunge and decided that this fall I wanted to setup my cross/gravel tires tubeless, since I had to buy a new pair of tires anyway. I also commute on the bike and suffered a lot of punctures last winter. Real cross tires seems to not have any puncture protection. Turns out It’s not really needed in the grass and mud and traction is the main concern.

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