My favorite cycling audio books

I love Audio books, both cycling related and otherwise. I spend a fair amount of time on public transport and audio books are great for that. I also like listening to audio books while riding my bike. Now I don’t want to have a debate about whether or not that is safe. You can decide that for yourself, based on where you are, where you ride.   

This list is by no means a comprihensive one and I will update it when I find other cycling audio books that I like. 

If you haven’t tried out audible before you can get a free trial with an audiobook for you to keep by clicking here.

On the Road Bike

The Search for a Nation’s Cycling Soul
By Ned Boulting

An interesting listen with many different interviews with known and unknown(to me) british cycling personalities. It’s a lovely meandering story that contains everything from track cycling to pop stars and Chris Boardman. It’s well written and excellently read by Ned Boulting himself.

At Speed

My Life in the Fast Lane
By Mark Cavendish

I’m not a particularly big Mark Cavendish fan, but there is some very interesting and personal stories in this book. And nice descriptions from races too. Even ones that I remember, like his world championship win in Denmark. The only problem with this is that the narrator has problems with pronouncing names and places correctly, which does get annoying in parts of the book. 

The Racer

Life on the Road as a Pro Cyclist
By David Millar

The Racer by David Millar offers a great insight into the mechanics of cycling teams and the part of the pro cycling life that we don’t get to see. I especially love the descriptions of sitting in the peloton at 60 kph. and sprinting to a corner to get your teammate into the sprint in the best possible position.

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