Mountainbiking in the dark

Riding a mountainbike through the forest at night is a very special experience. It is even more special when you are riding through snow.

It’s the ultimate tunnel vision. You only look at the line in front of you but at the same time you are aren’t going as fast as normal. So all the sounds of a forest is enhanced. And you’ll most likely see Animals in your headlight. I would recommend that everyone grabs a friend and try it.

I did learn a few things from my first night ride this winter:

  • The simple trails are more challenging a more fun in the dark.
  • Make sure to put on more layers that you think is needed as you’ll be riding slower.
  • A rear fender would be really great when it’s -2C and snowing, your ass will thank you for this!
  • Winter mountainbike boots is the best investment I’ve made cycling-wise since getting my cross-bike.
  • Put a big light on your helmet. (min. 1.000 lumens and real lumens, not ebay-lumens) and a smaller one on your bars. The one on the helmet is the most important.

If you are curious about riding at night. I suggest you give it a try. If you have questions – ask below.

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