Modifying the cockpit of the Giant Fathom

Every new bike needs a bit of tweaking, that’s what I find. Here are the changes I have made to my Giant Fathom in the first month of owning it.

Shorter stem

The Fathom 2017 comes stock with a 100 mm stem which seems a bit weird to me. I have changed it to a 70 mm stem for now (The shortest available at my local bike shop at the time) and I really like the change for now. I might go even shorter since I don’t feel that the bike is cramped at all.

New grips

Does all mountainbikes come with bad grips? Or have I just been unlucky. I’ve actually tried a few different grips and I still haven’t found someone I really like. The bike came with rubber slide on grips from giant. I didn’t like these. They felt like they had been baked in the sun already and had that sticky feel to them.

First I changed to the KCNC lock-on foam grips. But they can rotate after being locked down, which is really annoying. The foam is somewhat soft and has a good feel in the dry. Didn’t get to test them wet.

On the Bike at the moment is the Ergon GA2 grips which I like for now. They are rubber and they have grooves, which I haven’t liked on other grips but they are shallow and doesn’t bother me, but don’t expect a soft ride, they don’t offer much cushioning.

Perhaps I just have really fussy hands đŸ™‚


Not a cockpit thing but some that  always needs changing. All bikes come with none or shitty pedals. I changed them before riding off-road for the first time. I now run REVERSE Super Shape 3-D flat pedals which I am really happy with.

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