Getting back on the bike after a crash

If you have ever had a bad bike crash then this is might be familiar to you. 4 weeks ago I suffered a bad crash while commuting to work. I hurt my knee and my hip.

The crash itself was a comically slow one. I was just riding to work and because of some road works I had to take a different route than usual. That detour led me to a tunnel under the main road that I normally cross over. What I wasn’t aware of riding down to the tunnel, was that there was about 4 cm. Of ice covering the whole bottom of that tunnel. I did not notice it in time, and tried to ride all the way through, coming up just short of the exit. The front wheel slipped under me and came down with a bang on my side.

This was my first crash where I didn’t get up and just ride it off. I was hurting badly and had to limp my way to work.

Getting back on the bike has been difficult. Way more than I imagined. The snow and freezing temperatures surely played a part in that but I also felt quite nervous about riding. Below are some of the steps that I’ve done to actually get back on the bike. Hopefully they will help someone.

1: Of course, start off by making sure you are okay, before you start riding again. No point in riding with an injury, this is a hobby after all.

2: Make sure nothing on my bike is broken and if you have gotten an impact on your helmet, think about replacing it. Really inspect your bike thoroughly for any anomalities.

3: Try something different. I went on a couple of small rides on my mountainbike. The fatter wheels and the more forgiving ride. And the slower speeds was a good way to get back and build some confidence in the bike again.

4: Not being so hard on myself and understand that confidence takes time to build up again. Which is okay, I will get back to normal.


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