Finding the right saddlebag

My saddlebag got stolen from my my bike, along with a cheap rear light, about a month ago. So the search was on for a new one!
I have been gathering the parts for a new saddlebag and spending some time figuring out what I need to carry with me. This needs to fit in the saddlebag, as I don’t want any of it in my jersey pockets.

I think my old saddlebag was from Altura but I don’t know the specific one. Altura wasn’t available in the store so I bought a hardshell one(The first one in the picture above) with a clip so it would be easy to clip off and throw in a bag when I leave my bike outside. The idea being that I would actually start doing that rather than leaving it on the bike to be stolen again.

But after getting the multi-tool and the co2 pump I discovered that they didn’t fit in the hardshell bag. I run wider tires on my cyclocross/do-everything bike so the tubes is a bit bigger than the standard 25c tubes. Just enough to make the hard-case unusable for me. Since I haven’t used it at all I wont talk about it.
Now I have ordered the dhb small saddlebag and the dhb medium saddlebag I’ve bought them both, because I wanted to know the difference in size. The reviews on are really varied on this point. I was in for a surprise.

Dhb “Small” saddlebag

dhb small saddlebag and cube tool bottle – Which I use on my mountain bike

As you can see this bag is not small. It’s about the size of a bottle. On all sides! You can easily fit two tubes, a multi-tool and a full size patch kit. And other bits and bobs that you fancy. I feel it’s a little too big but that wasn’t the deal breaker for me.

You see I’m a big guy. An extremely polite person would call my legs – sprinter legs. Below you can see the width of the saddlebag at the point where it meets the seatpost. My thighs hits that bit on every pedal stroke. Which really I can’t stand! I might try to use it on my mountain bike and see if it would work there.

Beside it on the right you can see the dhb medium saddlebag, which will comfortably hold on to more than I would ever carry on a one-day ride.

Specialized Wedgie Mini

On the left is the Specialized Wedgie Mini which is the bag I have ended up with. It fits the things specified above and nothing rattles around – Partly because my thighs aren’t hitting it all the time.

There is a clear difference in the quality feel between the dhb and the specialized too (Something I don’t normally worry about – it’s a bag after all) The Specialized is rubberised on the top and bottom and doesn’t have the hard plastic insert to hold it’s shape that is in the dhb bags. But the specialized bag is 3 times as much as the dhb bags. If you are looking for something cheaper with the capacity of the specialized I think you should be looking at the dhb mini or similar.

All 3 of the bags have a loop for a extra rear light.

I hope this helps you if you are looking to buy any of these bags.

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