Dropping the Race Face Strafe grips on my mountainbike

I’m changing the grips on my mountainbike from the Race Face Strafe Lock-On Handlebar Grips to a cheap slide-on grip(called Force Lox) instead because the Strafe grips simply does not work for me. I bought them 2 years ago and they have been bothering me ever since.

Now I don’t ride my mountainbike as often as my roadbike and I don’t go on long mountainbike rides, so I have been able to live with it. And have chosen to spend my “bike bits” funds elsewhere. But since I crashed on my bike I have used my mountainbike for commuting, so now I was reminded of it every day. Enough was enough.

Why I don’t like the Race Face Strafe grips

The cuts in the rubber to make the pattern/graphic are deep and irregular and made some really weird pressure points on my hands. I don’t like wearing gloves that are too padded on mountainbike rides and not at all on commutes. And without gloves of any kind, the palm of my hands starts hurting after 10 minutes or so. And after a longer ride I can see bumps and valleys on my hands. I don’t have a deathgrip on my handlebars, quite the opposite in fact. I’m perfectly comfortable letting the bike do its own thing. But maybe my office-dweller hands are just too sensitive for these grips. It’s quite possible that others would find these grips perfect for them. If that’s the case I have a spare set laying around 🙂

The new Force Lox Silicone grips

Force lox Mountainbike bar grips

New grips

Now these grips are very cheap, at around €7. And I couldn’t find anything about them on the internet. They are silicone. They are of the slide-on variety. And they are smooth on the surface.

First ride impression is that they work much better for me. They are quite soft and seem to grip well even without texture. I doubt that the writing will last long as some of it seemed to come off during my short ride so far, but who cares about that. If my hands are happy with these all is well.

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