Cycling knee warmers

Knee warmers – It’s a hard piece of cycling gear to love. If the size is wrong you’ll find yourself looking like you’ve stolen the legs warmers from a 90’s teenage girl and now have very warm ankles and very cold knees.

Find a pair that fits and it’ll extend your summer cycling wardrobe a surprisingly long time and eliminate the need for 3/4 length tights. Which make them a bargain piece of kit. That is if you haven’t had to buy multiple of them to find the right ones.  

Knee warmers seem to come in so many different lengths and materials that it’s hard to figure out what to buy. And if your local shops are like mine they will only have one or two options if any at all. So you are left with buying online and trying to figure out what size your legs are. Which is hard as some of the brands go from small to large and some go from XS to XXL. I’m a big guy and let me tell you that buying too small is not pleasant at all. And they crawl down your leg when they are too small just as they do if they are too big.


Don’t buy the rain resistant ones. They are stiffer and less comfortable to wear. And don’t buy the ultra thin ones either. You are trying to keep warm after all. I’ve found that the medium ones will keep me warm enough until tights season starts.


Go for longer ones. At least make sure that they go a long way up on your thigh as this will help with retention.

How to make them stick

The best way to make them stick that I have found is to wear bib shorts as they tend to go longer down your thigh and make sure the knee warmers are up as long as possible without becoming uncomfortable. That works really well and they stay in place if they are the right size.

I have 3 pair and I don’t have any brand preference. The most comfortable pair I have is The Red Cycling(‘s in-house brand) ones, but that is mostly down to length.

Knee Warmers, they might feel like a niche product but they can save you a lot of money on your fall/spring cycling wardrobe. And I have learned to love them.

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