Consistency.. Consistency is key..

Cycling in winter is rarely fun. Wanting to keep our normal jobs, we start and complete mid-week rides in total darkness. Mechanicals become problems instead of annoyances. I, for one, don’t want to get stuck 15 miles from home with a mechanical problem or even a flat tire, if I can help it.

But I have a goal this year – to ride my bike consistently throughout the year. My very modest goal is riding for at least 3 hours every week. I know that I will be riding much more as soon at it gets lighter outside in the evenings. And I know that I would be able to ride this amount during a weekend in almost any weather. But that is not the goal. I want to get in the habit or riding during the week, even when it’s dark. Sometimes that means a mountainbike ride with my dad in the dark, which is so much fun that I recommend it to everyone. And sometimes that means riding around the city for an hour and a bit, in normal gym clothes and a fleece jacket, because you´re tired from work and can’t be bothered to put on cycling clothes or plan a route.

I’m okay with that. Is it ideal? No, but it’s something. It’s moving. It’s getting out there and making sure I keep my goal alive and getting a good habit before the lighter months where I really want to make sure I get rides in throughout the week and not just on weekends.

Consistency is what I need. I just need to remind myself of that.

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