Stolen bikes and the idea of a cheap bike

My old mountainbike has been stolen. Locked in front of a grocery store. Which is a pity. It wasn’t a particular expensive bike but it was a good bike. I started figuring out what I wanted to do. Buy a new bike? Commute on my Cross bike again? I ended up deciding to buy a … Read more

Getting back on the bike after a crash

If you have ever had a bad bike crash then this is might be familiar to you. 4 weeks ago I suffered a bad crash while commuting to work. I hurt my knee and my hip. The crash itself was a comically slow one. I was just riding to work and because of some road works I … Read more

Consistency.. Consistency is key..

Cycling in winter is rarely fun. Wanting to keep our normal jobs, we start and complete mid-week rides in total darkness. Mechanicals become problems instead of annoyances. I, for one, don’t want to get stuck 15 miles from home with a mechanical problem or even a flat tire, if I can help it. But I … Read more